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Either you are worried about the privacy of your databases or search queries, or you want to find new insights in an interesting molecular space, we provide you with the On-Prem option that makes running the CHEESE pipeline possible on your premises and with your own data.


Local deployment of CHEESE consists of running 4 docker containers. You can run them on your own server or cloud provider such as AWS.

  • cheese-database : A local database server for the app
  • cheese-ui : The CHEESE UI
  • cheese-api : The CHEESE API + CLI
  • cheese-docs : The CHEESE API documentation


For on-prem deployment there are two major steps :

  1. Installation : Which involves creating and setting up an AWS instance + installing CHEESE CLI.
  2. Inference : Which involves starting with a database of molecules, and creating molecular representations and search indexes.
  3. App creation : Which involves transforming the inference outputs to an API and a UI.